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Genevieve has over 15 years experience in dance training and performance in styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Merengue, Kizomba, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Pole Dancing. She was also trained in gymnastics since she was 7. Dancing is her way of telling a story through movement in a song. She started Bailar Productions focusing on the glitz and glamour of latin dancing because she loves being on stage and going through the choreography, training and effort it takes to produce a well-executed performance piece. She does not believe that dance styles should be confined to their boxes and loves fusing different dance styles together giving rise to the Latin Fusion styles that Bailar Productions is known for!




Stefano is our resident Italian stud and has been dancing for more than 10 years. He has trained under prominent latin artists such as Fernando Sosa, Johnny Vasquez, The Berardi Twins, Wilmer y Maria, and Chiquito and has participated in competitions around Europe. With a hip hop background, Stefano’s first love was Cuban Salsa - specialising in Rumba Guagancò. Expanding his dance training, he moved into Puerto Rican salsa (on1) and has been choreographing, teaching and performing around Australia, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia for the last 4 years. He has recently stepped into the world of Salsa On2 (New York Style) aiming to develop his skills through training and new shows. During social dancing he likes to mix all these styles in one, playing with the music to create energetic displays on the social dance floor. When he is not on the social latin dancefloor, you can find him busting out his "Magic Mike" style moves in the clubs!




Maria started dancing at 12 and has a varied background in lyrical jazz, heels and contemporary dancing. She LOVES performing and has actively participated in competitions throughout her dance journey. She sees dancing as a creative outlet to express her emotions and she hopes to be able to instil this in her students.⁠



Studio Operations Manager

Nadia started her Salsa journey way back in 2002 but started seriously pursuing it in 2010 when she would be at almost every social event on the calendar. She was subsequently infected with a love of Bachata and Zouk. 


While Nadia has been more of a quiet observer of the scene over the last few years, she has re-joined the scene in the capacity of Studio Operations Manager here at Bailar Productions. She is unable to attend as many classes, congressed and social events nowadays but she has translated her love of dance into dedication to our studio and fam.

Nadia is always happy to help with any questions and is usually the person answering all your enquiries via email, the website and our socials. 

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