Wed 6.30pm

Level 2

Wed 7.30pm

Level 3

Wed 8.30pm

Level 4

Fri 7.30pm

Salsa is a popular form of latin social dance that originated in Cuba. This style has since spread through the world, with many regions adapting their own style and flavour both of music and dance. Many have fallen in love with this fun, invigorating and evolving dance style that you now see in latin clubs all over the world!

Our salsa syllabus is adapted from the World Mastery syllabus of world-renowned Instructor and Performer Fernando Sosa. He believes that Salsa is the free expression of the musical mix that lives inside oneself and has created his own unique style of salsa called "Sosa Style". His style has reached millions of people and today he's one of the main representatives of Salsa internationally.



Thu 6.30pm

Level 2

Thu 7.30pm

Level 3

Thu 8.30pm

Bachata Flow (Int/Adv)

Fri 6.30pm

“Bachata” is both a style of music and social dance style that originated in the Dominican Republic. As Bachata spread throughout the world it has evolved into many unique and fun variants, including the recent explosion of Fusion and Sensual styles from Europe within the last decade.

Our Bachata syllabus is adapted from the World Mastery syllabus of internationally acclaimed instructors Ataca y La Alemana! This multi-award winning couple have developed a unique Bachata style called "Touch Bachata" fusing together the various different Bachata styles with their own amazing flair.



Mon 6.30pm

Urban Kiz

Mon 7:30pm

Kizomba is a genre of dance and music originating from Angola. Kizomba means "party" in Kimbundu, a Bantu language spoken in Angola and uses lower body movement, flavour and attitude called Ginga or Banga as its expressive characteristic. 

In this course, we will cover the basics of Kizomba - from its traditional roots in Semba to its explosion in popularity in France and Portugal which lead to sophisticated fusion with Tango and Hip-Hop, becoming Urban Kizomba or Urban Kiz. 

Kizomba is a close hold dance and is suitable for first-time dancers.

Latin Fusion

Open Level

Tue 6.30pm

Latin Fusion is a unique dance style that combines the traditional latin dance styles such as Salsa, Bachata and Cha Cha with the choreography styles such as jazz, heels and hip-hop. This class is one of our non-partnered dance styles and is open to all levels.

Stretch and Flex

Open Level

Tues 7.30pm

Get body flexible with Bailar Productions! It is important to condition your body to improve your dancing and also prevent any injuries. Tight shoulders, backs and hips can limit your range of movement, preventing you from doing body isolations and back dips correctly.

Latin dancing tends to take its toll on certain muscles within your body and this stretching course is designed specifically to target those muscle groups. Our stretching program is developed in line with the Professional Flexibility Stretching Curriculum “Alixa Flexibility”. This program is also applicable to anyone who wants a good body stretch to loosen stiff muscles and to also get more flexible.